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"My love, you are not only my life but also the only honesty of my life."

Jean-Paul Sartre, from a letter to Simone de Beauvoir (via violentwavesofemotion)



>You’re feeling a little dizzy and overwhelmed by this. He wants you to come with him. You’re just about to turn around and run away when you feel a fuzzy warm thing brush past your leg. You’re scared enough right now that you just completely lose it backpedaling and whining. You trip over one of the two cats that gathered around you and fall straight on your ass.

N..no! No I can’t! You’re going to do something bad if I go with you! 


I can’t “work anything out” with you! I’ve met too many highbloods who have done nasty things I’m not going to fall for this kind of thing again!

> Your gaze follows him down and lands on the creatures around his feet and you hiss in displeasure, your grin vanishing. You take a step back and click your tongue loudly.

✁{ Tch! Idiot. Idiot troll! You think, you THINK, if I wanted to hurt you, that THAT would STOP me? }

✁{ I do not LIE. I am a TAILOR. I have no NEED to kill anybody today. BUT. BUT! If you CONTINUE being so RUDE that does not MEAN I caNNOT change my MIND. }

> You look him over with mild contempt, but you’re not completely driven off just yet. He might yet redeem himself.

✁{ …STAND up. You will get DIRTY and you look PATHETIC like that. }

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Anonymous inquired:

i have a feeling that being in a Quadrant with Delika would not be advisable.

it depends what quadrant and how well you can handle them >w>

they’d be very protective of somebody they care about. still as eccentric as usual in the flushed quadrant, but also affectionate and protective. and in the black quadrant, then probably just, sinister as fuck and trying to creep their partner out 24/7, lmao



>Oh no. No you have to get out of here right now that isn’t good at all you’re not going to let some dude on the street try to bargain with you for your internal organs. This is honestly terrifying. You have absolutely nothing to say you’re just frozen in place. What was wrong with this guy?




I think I’m gonna have to decline.. I can’t give away organs I’m pretty sure I need those..? I’m pretty sure they’re a lot more valuble than paint for clothes too.

>You go ahead and step back a bit. 

> You take the liberty of closing the gap between the two of you, and then some, so that you’re a little closer than you were before. You peer down at him with a borderline malicious glint in your eye, even though really, you don’t have much intention to hurt this troll. Not yet, anyway.

> You could always change your mind, of course.

✁{ Paint? PAINT! HAH! Don’t be RIDICULOUS, child! }

✁{ I will make you NEW clothes. That is what I DO and that is what you NEED. You SEE how that works out? }

> You flash him another grin and lean closer.

✁{ If you’ll JUUUUST come with me, I’m SURE we can work something out…~ }

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A cornered mouse will bite a cat.

This does not reclassify the mouse as a predator or the cat as prey.

powderedbuns replied to your post “[8:18:16 P Kayla: delika is 80% coat and 20% leg [8:18:18 P Kayla:…”




>THAT’S a highblood a very tall and intimidating highblood. And offering you help? You’ve been waaay too on edge today to trust this troll. Is that wrong of you?

I’m sorry but I don’t think I’d have the money to pay for your services..


But thank you for the offer anyways..? It’s very kind of you.

✁{ But clothing is OOOOOH so important! }

✁{ And there are AAAAALWAYS other means of PAYING for things, you know. }

✁{ I hear one’s ORGANS are QUITE VALUABLE, for example. }

[8:18:16 PM] Kayla: delika is 80% coat and 20% leg
[8:18:18 PM] Kayla: thats it
[8:18:27 PM] Cortez: .F UCk
[8:18:31 PM] Kayla: LMAO
[8:20:04 PM] Cortez: im sorry i jsut thoguht
[8:20:05 PM] Cortez:

anatomy of the delika:

80% coat

20% leg

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> Kitabe : Talk to yourself


Maybe it might be better if I stop passing as a hemoanon. I’m not sure how i would go about that though.. I’d need to get the right color paint and redo symbols on my shirts.. I think I might get in trouble if I don’t get the color right.


> It sounds like someone could use your services! How wonderful.

✁{ PerHAAAAPS I can be of HELP, friend? I can fix your shirts RIGHT up for you, oh yes! }

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hashtag byee unfoleowe u !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! meme E!!!!!! MEOEPEPE

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when someone unfollows u

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